Installing p2pool for Vertcoin mining

p2pool for scrypt-n coins is actually a little different due to the nature of the algorithm differences.

Minimum Requirements

  • A server to host your p2pool instance, such as a server from DigitalOcean
  • Ubuntu 13.04 or greater


Installing p2pool

First we’ll install the needed packages

sudo apt-get install libpython2.7-dev python-zope.interface python-twisted python-twisted-web

To help secure your p2pool instance a bit more, we’ll create a new user for p2pool and switch over to that user

sudo adduser p2pool sudo
sudo su - p2pool

Grab the latest p2pool source code

git clone

Now we’ll compile the vertcoin module

cd py_modules/vertcoin_scrypt
sudo python install

Running p2pool

Using the rpcuser and rpcpasswd found in your vertcoin.conf, fill in the values in the diamond brackets

./ <rpcuser> <rpcpassword> --net <network>

You have these options for the Vertcoin mining network:

  • vertcoin1 (hash rate 3mh/s or up)
  • vertcoin2 (hash rate 1.5mh/s or up)
  • vertcoin3 (Hash rate 1.5mh/s or below)

Once you execute the command, your p2pool should be up and running. You can confirm by going to your browser and going to http://<server ip>:9147.